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Casona la Ruchi

Casona la Ruchi was the very first stop on a two year long trip and we felt like we had never left home.  It will be very difficult to find a place better than this.  Located in beautiful Tigre on the Parana river, Tigre is the perfect retreat if you grow weary of Buenos Aires dirt and noise.  We arrived to Casona la Ruchi without a reservation and early in the morning.  We chose this place initially because of it’s close proximity to the train station (it’s just over the bridge-maybe a 2 minute walk!) But it turned out, it was so much more.

We couldn’t have been more warmly taken in.  Casona la Ruchi is an old mansion with antique wood floors and warmly decorated rooms. We were led upstairs to our room that had ceilings that went up to the sky and charming antique furniture.  Two enormous doors opened to spill out onto a beautiful balcony where we could gaze at palm trees and the garden.  Completely sublime.  Towels were laid out for us and in the morning, after an amazing nights sleep on the comfortable bed, we were treated to homemade bread, cake and jams.  Don’t miss Dora’s homemade dulce de leche and orange marmalade.  Some of the best I have ever had.  The owners were so helpful with giving us advice in perfect English, since our Spanish was tragic at the time.

A house is a home when you put love into it and Casona la Ruchi certainly was loved very much.  The morning of our departure, we got a chance to chat with the friendly owners and when we left, it felt like we were leaving home all over again.

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