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TBC restaurant, Tigre

Since Tigre was our first stop in Argentina, we couldn’t wait to have some famous (and rightfully so) Argentinian beef.  The ill-named TBC restaurant, did not disappoint.  Although it’s located on the Paseo Victorica, which is the main road that strolls along the waterfront, it is a bit under the radar and hidden, due to the giant ivy covered walls that surround it, concealing it slightly.

Behind the walls, revealed a grand mansion, tastefully decorated.  We were led to the spacious porch where diners could sit and enjoy the exquisite beef while sipping their Malbec wine.  Service was attentive and we were seated on the porch right away

We ordered the beef de lomo and oh my god, it was so unbelievably amazing.  I don’t even know words to describe it.  For those that don’t know, beef de lomo is the tenderloin.  I ordered it with a creamy, peppercorn sauce and my boyfriend ordered it with a Malbec reduction sauce.  Both were amazing!  Accompanied with sides of potatoes and polenta, respectively, the real star was the meat.  Luscious, tender and divine.  We almost ordered one for dessert and I’m not even joking!  A fine malbec rounded out the meal, perfectly.

For dessert, we instead decided on a chocolate mousse, nothing to really sing about here but provided relief from a slight sweet craving.  My only regret is not ordering the beef for dessert.

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