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La Cabrera

When we arrived in Buenos Aires, we were hungry for still more beef.  I did a little searching and found La Cabrera.  It’s a pretty touristic place but it doesn’t really matter when the beef is so good.La Cabrera is not a typical, old fashioned parilla.  You cannot see the grill in front of you, it’s more hidden in the kitchen.  The place itself is whimsical and fun with hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling, plates shaped like cows and photos of cows showing their various cuts of meat.  We arrived at 8:15, (which is very early to dine in Buenos Aires) and there was already a long queue and to top it off, we were without a reservation.  But after about a 30 minute wait, we were seated.

Prices are not cheap here but you pay for what you get.  We ordered a very large beef de lomo and shared it along with some potatoes with carmelized onions.  We didn’t really need to even order the potatoes.  To start with, they brought us bread with 3 kinds of spreads, all of which were delicious.  Then came the star.  The beef.  The amount of meat they give you is outrageous.  You take one look at it and think that you are never going to finish it.  But it’s so good that you do.  The meat was tender and juicy but not cooked how we like it.  It came out medium well, even though we ordered it medium rare.  The way they cook meat here is very different, please see this post here for more about it (coming soon).

The beef came with a slew of dipping sauces and accompaniments. Sweet potatoes, carmelized onions, chimichurri among many others.  But you didn’t even need any of that fancy stuff.  The meat was delicious even if it was slightly overcooked.  We ordered another Malbec, which complemented the meat perfectly.  Since we had already spent a small fortune on the dinner, we decided against dessert.

If you are looking for a huge portion of great beef and don’t mind sitting in a typical tourist place for it or paying a high price then head over to La Cabrera


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