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Review of our Spanish tutor in Buenos Aires

Taking Spanish lessons from a formal Spanish school is very helpful but what is even better is hiring your own teacher.  We were fortunate to have an amazing tutor while we were in Buenos Aires.  If you are going to be in BA and want to have a deeper understanding of the language, don’t hesitate to contact Gabriela Ferrante.  She will specially design a course for you, no matter what your level is.  She will even host the classes in cafes all around different parts of Buenos Aires, so not only are you getting to learn the language but you are seeing beautiful cafes all around BA.  I set up everything via email and Gabriela responded quickly and efficiently.  She couldn’t have been more flexible with both the times in which we met and where we met.  She made everything as convenient for us as possible.  We even went on a free excursion offered by her (information on the website).  By the end of our week and our time with her, we considered her both a friend and a teacher.  You can find out more information on her website here, which also includes her more than reasonable rates:  Highly recommended.

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