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Cabo Polonio Hostel; the ultimate place to stay in town

Windswept and out of time, Hostel Cabo Polonio transports you to another time and place.  The hostel is nothing more than wood and straw topped with a corrugated tin roof which looks as though it may blow away at any moment.  Hammocks swing lazily in the ocean breeze.  A non functional television sits atop a sand dune which overlooks the ocean.  You are steps away from the water.  The owner, Alfredo, is probably taking a nap or visiting with friends but when he arrives he is happy to have a chat with you, in Spanish, English or French.  He’ll also happily discuss foods with you because he is also a chef.  The rooms are all very basic here (and easy on your budget including breakfast) but clean, as long as you don’t mind some beach sand around.  That’s part of the charm though.  From the tiny kitchen to the bathrooms outside, the hostel uses minimal electricity and strives to save water.  But you don’t go to Cabo Polonio for big kitchens and luxurious bathrooms.  You come for the character and the hostel is full of it.  Whether you are lazing in one of the hammocks reading a book, or cooking a huge meal with your fellow hostel mates, you can’t help but be completely won over by the place.  Don’t miss this one if you are in CP.

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