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Casa de Empanadas in Cafayate….the best empanadas so far!

We burdened ourselves with the terrible job of finding the best empanadas in this region. After trying as many empanadas as we possibly could over the course of 2 months in Argentina, I am happy to report that I finally found the best! Not only because of the amazing variety of fillings (Norma & Eduardo go way beyond the basic carne, pollo, queso choices) but also because the dough is superior, they are baked just the way I prefer them and the tomato salsa that accompanies them is always spot on perfect (slightly picante). You MUST go here if you are searching for the best empanadas. The calabresa was one of my favorite. We ate here 3 times while we stayed in Cafayate if that gives you an indication of how much we loved these empanadas. The service is a disaster-surly and slow but it’s worth the attitude and wait for a bite of these tasty morsels. Order yourself a liter of Salta, pull your patience out of your pocket and wait in style.  You won’t be disappointed.

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