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Estancia Los Cuartos, Tafi de Valle

If you are traveling through the Northwest of Argentina, you shouldn’t miss a stop in Tafi del Valle.  Located about 2 hours from Tucuman, it is the place that most people from Tucuman go to escape the heat and city life.  After following a curvy mountain road that winds through jungle like forest, you find yourself deposited in an absolutely stunning valley.  Surrounded by mountains, it’s hard to decide which view from which side is nicer.  The town is more like a little village, very small and welcoming.  We decided to stay at the Estancia Los Cuartos, a beautiful property with stunning mountain views from every window and llamas milling about.  We stayed in a spacious double room with a private bathroom.  Inside the main house, you feel like you are in a museum, everything is antique and very beautiful.  The rooms are clean and well kept, the breakfast was more than good but not exceptional although you do get to taste the cheese made in house, which is quite good. The rates are reasonable for what you get.  Highly recommended and worth a visit.



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