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Follow us on our journey to Antarctica!

So today we leave for Antarctica.  Even though I’m typing these words and in a few hours we will board the sailboat that is waiting right here in the harbor in Ushuaia, it still feels totally unreal.  Not sure when the reality will set in.  Perhaps early tomorrow morning when we begin our journey over that notorious Drake passage?  I’m sure!  I hope to not be too sick to watch over Cape Horn as we see the two oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific converge in a (hopefully) peaceful meeting!

Our beautiful sailing vessel, the BARK Europa, is much smaller in person than the pictures had me believing.  It made my knees shake a bit when I first saw it.  But it’s a gorgeous ship, I can’t wait to see her with full sails intact.  No matter what happens on this voyage, it is sure to be an adventure!

I plan on working quite a bit on this blog while on board but we will not have any internet while sailing.  We leave today and return on January 18.  So I’ll be updating the blog when I return to the land of internet and civilization.  But we won’t be completely cut off from technology.  The ship keeps an updated “logbook” on their website.  So every day, someone new will write an entry with thoughts for the day.  For those interested,  you can click here and follow the journey!  For those that want to see exactly where the boat is positioned on Google Earth map, you can see the course of the ship by clicking here.

Stay tuned for mid January when we’ll have a lot more information and photos to share.  See you then!!

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  1. Miriam Unger #

    This website is breathtaking!!!

    Sent from Miriam’s iPad

    January 4, 2013
  2. Ann #

    Loving reading your Barque Europa logbook entries, Joanna! Miss you; can’t wait for your return.

    January 16, 2013
  3. superhorsefeathers #

    Hey Miriam! Thanks so much! I miss you! I tried to call you for christmas, I hope you at least got my message. xxoo to all you guys. Thanks Ann for reading the entries!!! Miss you too! I’m still planning the visit march/april. I will keep you posted!!!

    January 18, 2013

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