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Back on land and a few other updates

So we made it back from Antarctica alive!  No monster wave came and gobbled the ship up nor did I fall in some deep crevice at the top of a glacier.  It wasn’t easy at times being on the sailboat, we both got pretty seasick and sometimes we had to wake up in the middle of the night to do watches or steer the boat in the freezing cold but the payoff was huge.  I experienced things I could only dream about and saw scenery and nature like I never have before.  I felt like I was dreaming most of the time.  And I promise to tell you all about it and share some photos too.

But not right now.  First I need to catch up and tell you all about what has happened during the time in between.  I am about 2 months behind in writing and this next week we will spend in Ushuaia while I am recovering from a nasty cold I caught on the boat.  After we leave Ushuaia we are headed into Chile and so I am going to try to catch up with all that has happened in Argentina.

So for now, we are going back to the north of Argentina where I last left off.

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