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The last photos of our trip … Goodbye Chile & Hello Bolivia

Just another quick update.  We put most of our photos from the north of Chile, The Norte Chico (Valparaiso, Pisco Elqui …) and the Norte Grande (San Pedro de Atacama, Putre, Parque Nacional Lauca, …). And the first pictures of Bolivia (our 3 weeks in the beautiful Sucre).  You can find all the best photos from Laurent on his Flickr gallery (Already available Uruguay, Argentina, Antarctica and now all Chile). You can also go and like his Facebook page L.L.P..  So if you are tired of reading, you can just look at the pictures!  Click on the ‘photos’ tab and you can search by place.  Enjoy!!!

Sucre for 3 weeks, learning Spanish and getting to know Bolivian food

After our rough introduction to Bolivia, we finally made it to Sucre. And like so many travelers before, we fell in love with this city. In fact, it's easily become one of our favorite cities in all of South America. We decided to spend 3 weeks here learning more Spanish and we could have stayed for 3 more. Why all this love for Sucre? Well, that's easy.

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A fitting farewell to Chile & a crazy hello to Bolivia

If any of you remember, we walked into Chile way back on January 28! Since then, we have had a great love affair with this country. Chile has some of the friendliest, most interesting people. People who are innately curious and who offer much in terms of their culture and of course their food! Let's take a walk down Chilean food memory lane.

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Life on Mars. Otherworldly Chile

It's just barely dawn. You are up almost 14,000 ft (4,200 m) at the highest geysers in the world. The sun is barely a sliver and already the light starts pouring into the vapor filled landscape where mud pools noisily bubble & everywhere you walk, the earth hisses at you. It's a scene straight out of the dawn of time. During the day, pink flamingos crowd altiplano lakes while volcanoes look menacingly on.

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