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An inside look, through video, at two of the best restaurants in Lima

Over a year ago when we first visited Lima, we had an incredible opportunity to eat at one of the best restaurants in the world.  Astrid y Gaston is more than just a restaurant but an experience in and of itself.  The tasting menu I had back then, was one of the top meals I ever had in my life and I wondered if it could ever be matched.  To read about that experience, click here.

Recently, the restaurant has moved to a new location and the space matches the food in terms of fantastically beautiful.  Casa Moreyra is a historical house (the likes of where people like San Martin, yes-that San Martin) once lived.  It’s absolutely breathtaking and the tasting menu we tried was even better than our last experience.

During our recent, second visit to Lima, we were lucky enough to not only visit this space but have the head chef, Diego Muñoz, take us around and tell us more about the restaurant.  It was an incredible experience to have the chef personally tell us about each part of Casa Moreyra.  And continuing with our creation of videos, we filmed/edited our time with the chef.


A relative newcomer on the dining scene is IK (pronounced ee-kah).  The restaurant is named after Ivan Kisic (that is where the IK comes from), who tragically died in a car accident just before the space was to open.  Ivan’s twin brother, who was in Barcelona at the time, decided to leave Spain and return to his home country to open the restaurant in his brother’s honor.  His brother, Franco, was joined by Monica Kisic, their cousin.  Finally, realizing Ivan’s dream, the doors to the restaurant were open.

But IK is more than just a touching story.  The food here is some of the best in all of Lima-no easy feat by any means.  The space is hands down, one of the most creative and beautiful I have ever seen for a restaurant.  Every detail has been thought of. While we were in Lima, we had an amazing opportunity to meet and sit down with Franco Kisic who told us more about the philosophy of IK.



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  1. Jimbo:) #

    Who was the genius who thought to add videos?!!!! I truly enjoyed watching and hearing about ur restaurant experiences. Keep em coming!

    September 4, 2014
    • Thanks hon!! We actually didn’t even think it up. It just kind of came to us! We’ll see where it takes us, right now, it’s very fun learning how to make them. Thanks for watching. Miss you tons.

      September 14, 2014

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