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Top 10 Unmissable Destinations In Argentina

Following in the footsteps of my Top 10 Unmissable Destinations for Chile, I figured I would do one for each of the countries we visited. Argentina was the first destination, where we began our journey in South America over two years ago. It all started in Buenos Aires and after visiting the capital we made our way north all the way to the border of Bolivia. Next, we headed south. Deep south, all the way down to Ushuaia, dubbed 'el fin del mundo' (the end of the world). We returned to the country recently this past August revisiting Mendoza followed by the northeastern part of the country, an area we hadn't explored on our original journey. We've spent a total of about four months traveling this diverse country and while that may sound like a lot, to be honest, I would probably need four years to really spend the time necessary in each place.

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Happy Belated Holidays From infusedexposures!

We just want to take a moment out to wish everyone a happy holiday season! May your day be merry and bright! Our Christmas was far from white this year as we spent it in the capital of the Amazon region in Brazil, the steamy city of Manaus. And okay, I'm a little late with this post but we had non-existent or glacial internet up until now. This city was our least favorite city in ALL of South America! It's dirty, smelly, big and loud. Picture a giant city of 2 million in the middle of the Amazon rainforest! A huge monstrosity of mankind in the center of pristine nature. This wasn't part of our plan but as is so often the case with travel, plans get disrupted and change. You just have to ride the waves and make the best of everything.

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