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Major Updates!

Wow. Time really does fly! I can't believe it's been 6 months since my last post. Like everyone else in the world, we've been busy, got caught up and I've also taken a much needed break from writing. My focus has shifted to figuring out what is our next plan. I'm happy to report we've had quite a few developments.

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Happy Belated Holidays From infusedexposures!

We just want to take a moment out to wish everyone a happy holiday season! May your day be merry and bright! Our Christmas was far from white this year as we spent it in the capital of the Amazon region in Brazil, the steamy city of Manaus. And okay, I'm a little late with this post but we had non-existent or glacial internet up until now. This city was our least favorite city in ALL of South America! It's dirty, smelly, big and loud. Picture a giant city of 2 million in the middle of the Amazon rainforest! A huge monstrosity of mankind in the center of pristine nature. This wasn't part of our plan but as is so often the case with travel, plans get disrupted and change. You just have to ride the waves and make the best of everything.

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Celebrating the highlights of this past year through photos!

In my last post I talked about the emotions that came along with celebrating two years of travel. Now, I just want to share some of our favorite moments through photos. Also, we have a big announcement! We feel so privileged to have spent another year living out our dreams and also realizing that this is where we want to take the future too. We are super excited to announce the birth of two brand new blogs!

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Celebrating 2 years of travel! Really random thoughts and other ramblings

As the saying goes, time flies. We all know it. Just take one look at your child's baby photos or in my case, your travel photos or worse, your own baby photos and the reality of times passage takes hold. It's a bittersweet moment to remember the times gone by but it also carries with it a hint of sadness that we can never get those minutes back. It helps us to appreciate the moment that is now.

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