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Top 10 Unmissable Destinations In Chile

If you are planning a trip to Chile, you may find selecting where to go very daunting. Although not very wide, Chile stretches seemingly forever (more than 2500 miles long!) along South America's western flank. Bordered on one side by the Pacific ocean and to the east, the Andes mountains, the north consists of one giant desert and the south full of glaciers and waterfalls, the country screams diversity and contains activities that suit every taste and desire. The National Parks in Chile are numerous and vast and you can only hope to visit them all sometime in your life.

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Discovering crudo in Valdivia & realizing the f-ing Germans are everywhere!

After Cochamo, we ventured out to Valdivia. I was told that I shouldn't miss the market there because it's full of fresh seafood and it's true. Although small in size, it's a market lovers paradise. You can purchase different types of fresh fish & get it cut up right on the spot to take home & cook up a feast

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Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take ya down to Cochamo!

Oh my god, I hate it when a stupid song gets stuck in your head. Especially when you know ALL the lyrics by some senseless osmosis force to the inane song. How does that happen? It's not like I ever purchased the Beach Boys single 'Kokomo' and listened to it over and over thus memorizing the lyrics. But somehow it happened.

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Farewell to Chiloe

For our last two days in Chiloe, we decided to head to the west coast and access the northern part of the Parque Nacional Chiloe. This part is more inaccesible than its southern part but its remoteness lends it a more rugged landscape with little tourists. It reminded me a lot of coastal California with wild beaches, huge cliffs and the pacifc ocean crashing in.

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A visit to the island of Chiloe & discovering some of Chile’s best fish

We finally made it to Puerto Montt, beyond exhausted. We were pretty disheveled at this point. The ferry arrived at 6 am and we made our way through a real city! Puerto Montt has just about 200,000 people, so not such a big city by real world standards but for us, it was the largest city we had seen in a very long time. Huge, real double-decker (!) buses rushed passed us. After seeing just minibuses for the past month, these buses looked heavenly.

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