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Celebrating one year of travel! Some reflections, new plans & our favorite memories

One year ago on October 4, with much trepidation and excitement, Laurent & I landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina with just backpacks strapped to our backs containing everything we would need for the next two years. I had quit my job back in New York, sold my car and many of my possessions and had no idea what the future would hold.

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Top 5 unmissable drives in northwest Argentina

1. Ruta 40 from Cachi to Cafayate

This easily takes the #1 spot. What Route 66 is to the USA, Route 40 is to Argentina. Stunning scenery, cool hippy history, biker dudes heading out into the open road. What more could you ask for out of a route?

Cachi is another unmissable spot in the Andean northwest of Argentina. Cachi is located in Salta province and is southwest of Salta city. Below is the church located in the plaza of Cachi:

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The wine capital of the northwest, Cafayate. Getting to know Torrontés

Ah, wine. I love wine. Who doesn't love a great wine? If you love wine like me and are interested in learning more about a grape you probably haven't heard of, well listen up!

When most people think of wines from Argentina, immediately they think of the lovely Malbec. But Argentina has more to offer than just this red grape. The north of Argentina is home to one of the most beautiful wine regions in the country, Cafayate and it's shining star, the Torrontés grape. What the malbec grape has done for Mendoza, the torrontés grape does for Cafayate.

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5 Places not to be missed in the northwest of Argentina

When planning a trip to visit Salta and the northwest of Argentina you have many choices as to which routes to take and what cities to stop in. I asked a lot of people for advice and what they thought and also did some research on my own. But still, it was a difficult decision.

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Anuva wine tasting in Buenos Aires

Anuva wine tastings located in Buenos Aires hip Palermo Soho neighborhood, came highly recommended. It’s easy to see why. You enter a non-descript door and as you ascend the stairs, you find yourself in an airy loft with a table impeccably set for a wine tasting with food pairings. Your host, Cara, is a wealth of information and peppers the tasting with wit, while she tells you about the exclusive wines that you get to taste. You will taste 2 whites and 3 reds and there are small bites of food that are paired with each wine.

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Review of Cabañas Luna y Sol, Cafayate

Cafayate has a broad range of accommodation, depending on your budget. Being the wine country of the northwest, it attracts quite a bit of tourists. Since we visited here over Laurent’s birthday, we decided to splurge a bit. We could’ve chosen a wine resort complete with spa but I wanted something cozier. There are a few places where you can rent cabañas which are essentially cute little cottages. We decided this option would be best for us. We chose to stay at Lunas y Sol, a lovely set of cabañas complete with a shared swimming pool.

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Estancia Los Cuartos, Tafi de Valle

If you are traveling through the Northwest of Argentina, you shouldn’t miss a stop in Tafi del Valle. Located about 2 hours from Tucuman, it is the place that most people from Tucuman go to escape the heat and city life. After following a curvy mountain road that winds through jungle like forest, you find yourself deposited in an absolutely stunning valley.

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Review for hostel Estoril Terrazas in Buenos Aires

Located in central downtown Buenos Aires, this hostel faces the edifico Palacio Barolo, which is a beautiful building designed after Dantes divine comedy. After taking an old fashioned elevator, you will arrive at the top floor where this hostel is located. Keep in mind that there are several hostels located in this building but Hostel Estoril up at the top floor is by far the best. There are dorm rooms for as few as 4 people or as many as 8. Rooms are basic but clean, try to get one with a balcony.

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Review of our Spanish school: Expanish

Expanish is a school located in downtown BA right in the heart of the city, very close to mass transit, making it both an easy and a central choice. They offer many different options in learning Spanish. You can take everything from a crash course, to 4 weeks of intensive classes or more. We took the intensive class here for four hours each day for one week. On the first day of class, we were given a placement test, both written and oral to determine what level of classes we should take. The teachers and staff are professional and helpful throughout your experience at the school.

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Review of our Spanish tutor in Buenos Aires

Taking Spanish lessons from a formal Spanish school is very helpful but what is even better is hiring your own teacher. We were fortunate to have an amazing tutor while we were in Buenos Aires. If you are going to be in BA and want to have a deeper understanding of the language, don’t hesitate to contact Gabriela Ferrante. She will specially design a course for you, no matter what your level is. She will even host the classes in cafes all around different parts of Buenos Aires, so not only are you getting to learn the language but you are seeing beautiful cafes all around BA.

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