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Photo essay: Life’s a beach in Tolu & San Bernardo Islands

The driver, if you could call him that, swerved precipitously around yet another car followed by a truck, passing on the right,. Yes, you read that correctly, on the right! He must have been going about 95 mph on a curve! Passing on the right during a curve!! Didn’t he ever see those trucks indicating which side was okay for passing and which wasn’t? Apparently not.

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Recommendation: sailing the Bark Europa to Antarctica

Traveling to Antarctica is a once in a lifetime destination. Okay, so I really want to go back one day but chances are slim. It's very expensive to travel there, not to mention the negative impact that tourism has in that pristine area of the world. We wanted to do the trip right. I wanted to go down on a small boat (less than 100) so that we could do as many landings as possible. Laurent wanted us to 'earn Antarctica' I phrase that I came to know quite well.

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