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Review of our Spanish school: Expanish

Expanish is a school located in downtown BA right in the heart of the city, very close to mass transit, making it both an easy and a central choice. They offer many different options in learning Spanish. You can take everything from a crash course, to 4 weeks of intensive classes or more. We took the intensive class here for four hours each day for one week. On the first day of class, we were given a placement test, both written and oral to determine what level of classes we should take. The teachers and staff are professional and helpful throughout your experience at the school.

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Buenos Aires…how to look like a gringo and get yourself into trouble

Whew! What a week! After a tranquil weekend in Tigre, Buenos Aires was a whirwind! Actually it was completely ca-ray-zee! Sometimes in a good way but other times it was just too much.

We took the train from Tigre to Beunos Aires (BA) on Saturday (sigh..almost 2 weeks ago....I am really behind on blog writing-hoping to catch up while I am here relaxing in Uruguay). We had made arrangements for the entire week at various couchsurfer's homes. Except the first night, we decided to just stay in a hostel. We also signed up for Spanish classes (4 hours a day) at a school in downtown BA, Expanish. And if that wasn't enough, we arranged to meet with a tutor for 2 hours every day as well. All of this in a brand new city where we didn't know where anything was and had to learn our way around. I get tired just typing it!

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