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Recommendation: sailing the Bark Europa to Antarctica

Traveling to Antarctica is a once in a lifetime destination. Okay, so I really want to go back one day but chances are slim. It's very expensive to travel there, not to mention the negative impact that tourism has in that pristine area of the world. We wanted to do the trip right. I wanted to go down on a small boat (less than 100) so that we could do as many landings as possible. Laurent wanted us to 'earn Antarctica' I phrase that I came to know quite well.

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The last photos of our trip … welcome to Chile

Just another quick update.  We put most of our photos from the north of  Chilean Patagonia (South of the Carretera Austral from Villa O’higgins to La Junta) the Sur Chico and Isla Chiloe (North of the Carretera Autral including Villa Vanguardia & Chaiten, The Island of Chiloe, Puerto Montt, The Amazing Cochamo, Valdivia and Pucon). And you can find all the best photos from Laurent on his Flickr gallery (Already available Uruguay, Argentina & Antarctica). You can also go and like his Facebook page L.L.P..  So if you are tired of reading, you can just look at the pictures!  Click on the ‘photos’ tab and you can search by place.  Enjoy!!!

Continued (mis)adventures up the Carretera Austral

The next morning we awoke bright and early. I peeked out the tent half expecting to see horses. There were none. We reluctantly packed up and tried to summon up the courage for our day ahead.

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What starts out crazy usually ends up crazy. Prelude to our (mis)adventures going north up the Carretera Austral

We should have known from the start that it was going to be crazy. It started out crazy. Why wouldn't the mayhem just escalate from there?

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Check out our trip through photos

Just another quick update. We put most of our photos from the Argentinian Patagonia (Bariloche, El Bolson, Esquel & El Chalten), Ushuaia, the South of the Chilean Patagonia (P.N. Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales & Punta Arenas) and Antarctica. So if you are tired of reading, you can just look at the pictures! Click on the 'photos' tab and you can search by place. Enjoy!!!

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